Continuing to lead in ergonomic design this Herman Miller designed chair has many great properties.
With its specifically designed Pellicle seat and back suspension, the Aeron chair provides truly customised support. What's unique about it is that it moves in sync's with your body, making it relate back to the brief very well.
The way in which this chair distributes your body weight over the seat and back instead of your neck and thighs enables the user to spend more time at their workstation with the support he/she need.
The chair's adjustability and tilt gives the user support for a full range of work task postures which relates back to the clientele's brief.
The Aeron's chair 3 sizes and adjustability let it cater to a larger group of clientele of all different shapes and sizes.
The chair has also kept in mind longevity and environmental concerns by using rewneable and and sustainable raw materials. The Aeron chair has been made to live a long life by creating components that are easy to remove and replace and therefore making it easier to be recycled.
The chair gets AFRDI approved to level 6